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The Pyranha Wipe N Spray is effective on tick, fleas, flies, gnats, and mosquitoes, and then, you decide to buy one for your horse.

But, have you known about the product in great detail?

Let us tell you everything in our Pyranha Wipe N Spray review below.

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Outstanding Features

  • Capacity: one gallon
  • Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 7 x 12 inches
  • Spray Type: Pyrethrin-based fly spray
  • Use: 1 to 2 ounces per head
  • Scent: Citronella-scented
  • Effectiveness: Apply on gnats, ticks, flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and fleas
  • Formula: Ready to use for fly protection
  • Collections: Equine, Pest Control

Pyranha wipe N Spray review

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In What Ways Can We Test Pyranha?

We choose three or four horses to apply the fly sprays (including Pyranha) on them and then compare the result. Of course, the chosen horse will be tested at the same time in the day and in the same weather condition.

We prioritize to do the test in late spring or in summer. We use the sprays on not only horse but also the pasture and around the barn.

The Test of Pyranha Wipe N Spray

#1 Day

Initially, we chose to apply the Pyranha Wipe N Spray on one of the horses. In a pen, we rode this horse for a couple of roping practice.

This fly spray gave off a nice scent and a great shine though we did not try to brush the horse to get the effective shine as the guide labeled.

For the pen, there was no much dry manure, no fresh manure. Plus, the weather condition was pretty good, coming with a breeze. Our horse did not sweat when we rode her for a walk. Yes, you were not allowed ignoring any detail. Based on these ones, we could not deny that the Pyranha worked well.

We started turning out the horse after one hour of spraying. At that time, there were some flies appearing around her.

 #2 Day

We continued applying the Pyranha Wipe N Spray on another horse and rode her out into the pasture on the second day.

The weather, which was not much different from the first day, was humid and warm with pleasant breezes. There were various insects surrounding us because we heard their buzzing.

Would we become a meal for these insects? Well, this was our first thought. It is well-known fact, we used a cheaper kind of fly spray on this horse on the previous day. You might not imagine:

The insects bit us unrelentingly, and we must trot to protect ourselves from being miserable.

We felt doubtful about fly spray reviews horse from the cheaper brands and recognized the efficient performance of the Pyranha. It allowed us to walk longer without any insects around.

Passing the walk test, we faced up with a harder challenge – trotting. We combined 50 minutes of trotting with short breaks at a walk. In spite of being familiar with this practice, the horse soon sweated.

How excellent! The Pyranha did not make us disappointed. It worked effectively in comparison with many brands.

A couple of the brands claimed that their product has the ability to resist the water while the Pyranha is not like that. But, the sweaty horse could not affect the great performance of the Pyranha fly spray.

After all, the result did not change. The flies only appeared after over one hour of spraying the Pyranha on the horse and turning it out.

#3 Day and on

Similar to the first two days, we used the Pyranha Wipe N Spray for testing. We rode the horse in the pen and even in the pasture.

How did it work? We had the positive fly spray system reviews for the Pyranha’s performance in both cases.

The Pyranha wore off in most days when we rode the horse in the pasture, for one hour or more (an hour-and-half). Even, on a day, the appearance of the horseshoer for shoeing a horse and the horses waiting in a line did not affect this performance, we did not need to re-spray with the Pyranha within one hour and fifty minutes. So good!

Pros & Cons



  • Strong pyrethrins
  • Expensive a bit
  • No spray on your pets

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How often do you spray the Pyranha Wipe N Spray?

Based on this fly repellent reviews and our experience, you can apply it every day. No problem!

Can you apply the Pyranha Wipe N Spray on the stable walls?

We do not think that the product will have effects when you apply it on the stable walls; however, it does not pose any risks in case you accidentally spray it on these walls.

As previously stated, the Pyranha fly spray performs well on our horses. There were no flies that land on them after we sprayed this fly repellent. Do not forget to follow the manufacturer’s guide – ensure that you never rub it into your clothes.

Is the Pyranha Wipe N Spray a concentrate?

The answer is no. The Pyranha Wipe N Spray is an oil base product.

Is the Pyranha fly spray ready to go or be mixed with water?

The product is ready to go, no water needed. From my point of view, you can utilize it in a spray bottle.

In Summary

Is the Pyranha Wipe N Spray effective? Yes, it is super beneficial when you apply to the horses, our test proved that.

Now, after reading our Pyranha Wipe N Spray review carefully, you should make a proper decision. We hope that our information is useful for your investment.

Give it a try! You will be amazing!!!

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