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Is your horse getting troubles with flying species? Do you need something to protect your horses? My advice is to use the fly spray. There are many fly control sprays on the market but each type has different function. So today, I will review top 8 best fly sprays for horse. Let’s get started!

Product Pictures Product Name Editor's rating Price
Pyranha 001GWIPEG 4.9 See price on Amazon
Farnam 3002431 4.8 See price on Amazon
Farnam 100526254 4.8 See price on Amazon
Farnam Home and Garden Bronco Equine Spray 4.7 See price on Amazon
UltraShield EX 687846 4.7 See price on Amazon
Farnam 100526256 4.6 See price on Amazon
ECOVET 23855 4.6 See price on Amazon
EQUIDERMA Neem & Aloe Natural Horse Spray 4.5 See price on Amazon


What to Look for When Buying A Fly Spray for Your Horse?

Your horse’s needs

To succeed in horse training sessions, you should meet their most basic and essential of your horse’s needs. Take a look!

  1. Make sure they are always well-fed, rested, smooth hairs.
  2. Let them move, continuous operation. If you leave the horse in one place all day, it will be frustrating and irritable.
  3. Let them meet and interact with the other horses because of their social personality.

Active Ingredients

There are two kinds of active ingredients to keep the horse healthy and clean nowadays.

The first one is the active ingredient that can cure, treat, prevent or mitigate horse disease. These drugs will have to undergo rigorous testing to see if they can really cure or treat the disease.

The second thing is the active ingredients that greatly affect the structure and function of horses. The components of this active ingredient are special because they provide therapeutic action effectively.

Other fly repellent strategies

Using drugs may be the most effective method. However, chemicals in drugs are never good for the health of horses. Horses also have some innate ways of dealing with flies.

  1. Mane and horsetail have the function of protecting their sensitive skin from insects on hot summer days. In addition, to help the horse have a strong coat, remember to keep your horse away from dirt. It is also a way to help horses with less pain when grooming and avoiding flies.
  2. Horses’ tail must be carefully groomed, not tangled will help them control the flies. If they are tangled or braided, the tail of the horse will inhibit them in their daily activities
  3. One last way is to let your horse make friends. It sounds ridiculous, but when there are flies, the horses help each other chase flies by using their tails

Water Versus oil

Are you wondering whether to apply oil or water to the hooves of horses? Think about it, when you wrap a plastic bag over your feet, you will feel very uncomfortable. Both human legs and horse feet need to breathe. Therefore, water will be better for hooves’ horses.

Check the percentages

When buying water/oil for horse, be careful of the ratio of the ingredients in it, which helps your horse in the best condition as much as possible. The higher you pay, the higher quality you get. You can seek advice from the seller, consult online before buying or read the instruction sheet on the product packaging.

Best Fly Spray For Horse Review

After collecting experiences from many horse lovers, we have listed these top-rated fly spray for horses. Let check out these 9 wonderful items.

#1 Pyranha 001GWIPEG

See a good deal on Amazon

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With the good quality and price, this Pyranha 001GWIPEG deserves the best horse fly spray on the market. Why?

This fly spray is made from special ingredients such as 0.1% Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, 1.0% Technical, 15.0% Butoxypolypropylene Glycol, and 83.9% Inert Ingredients. Being specially formulated, you can use this item directly on your lovely horse.

The ready-to-use formula created superior protection and imparted a high sheen to the brushed out hair. Besides, this product is already proven that it can make effects on many insects like flies, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, and fleas successfully.


  • This product is being discounted
  • You can use a spray bottle to spray directly. No water needed
  • Works great on goats too


  • After hours the flies may come back
  • These ingredients may burn your horse skin

#2 Farnam 3002431

See a good deal  on Amazon

The Farnam 3002431 keeps indefinitely. Normally, you have to spray your horses each day and then re-spay them at night. But when you use Endure, you can spray once from 4 to 5 days. This item prevents your horse from the disgusting flies without leaving any bad smells.

When you work in farms or any places with tall grass, you can try to use it on yourself. I have used it and it works for me too. Counting the price per gallon and times of spraying, you will see that the price is really worth. Much cheaper than using other normal fly sprays.


  • This product is delivered ina short time
  • The spray will not make your horse itchy


  • Some animals may be allergic to this product
  • It may create a bad effect on your body due to the high concentration of pyrethrins

#3 Farnam 100526254

See a good deal on Amazon

Farnam is not a god but this product by them is really a Godsend.

Farnam 100526254 works very effectively and lasts so long. Depending on the weather, you will have to spray once for 3-5 days. This creates protection for your horse and you would see no weird smells from it. Actually it is really sweating, so the horses may be happy and comfortable.

If you are in search for the best fly spray for horses that really works, this item will please.


  • This product is rated as one of the top equine fly sprays of 2019
  • If you need to refill, this brand will give you a good price


  • You have to spray up to 2 times a day when the weather is hot
  • The price is getting more expensive each year

#4 Farnam Home and Garden Bronco Equine Spray

See a good deal  on Amazon

Farnam is quite strong in producing Fly Spray for the horse. They have made another great deal with this fly spray.

This product can be used directly on your horse because it was made with a water-based formula. While you use this item, you may see that works quite effective in stopping many kinds of fly species. Not only spraying directly, but you can also spray in horse barns and stables in order to make a comfortable live place for your lovely animal.


  • The smells will please the animals
  • The product will be received promptly and packaged well


  • It lasts not so long, just a few hours after using
  • Due to the transport company, the package may be sometime damaged

#5 UltraShield EX  687846

See a good deal on Amazon

This item creates good effects on many types of animals such as donkeys, horses, dogs, etc. Unlike some other products that can not work in the summertime, this item helps to keep flying species off them very well. Besides using it directly, you can also mix this product with other fly sprays of the same brand to make the best suitable fly spray for your animals.


  • It works immediately
  • The price is reasonable


  • Do not last so long as other products
  • Smells are distinct at first but will disappear fastly

#6 Farnam 100526256

See a good deal on Amazon

The Farnam 100526256 is a type of water that can protect your horse from 6 insects like flies, mosquitoes, lice, gnats, and deer ticks. This formula can be used and maintained for 10 to 14 days. In particular, this type of water includes an element of sunscreen, protecting your horse’s skin from sunlight well.


  • The smell does not bad, same as laundry detergent ones
  • Do not cause allergies


  • Too expensive

#7 ECOVET 23855

See a good deal on Amazon

Attention! when you use this product, do not spray in the horse’s face. You can only spray on the underbelly, legs, chest and a little spritz on the top of the neck. Or else it will damage the eyes of your horse badly. You can also only use this product on a dry horse.

After using this product, I can make sure that bugs will not come to your horse any closer.


  • This product contains no pyrethrins or permethrin
  • It is non-toxic
  • It is available in small bottles, suitable for people who do not use frequently


  • It creates bad smells
  • It lasts in only a few hours

#8 EQUIDERMA Neem & Aloe Natural Horse Spray

See a good deal on Amazon

You can use this product on your dogs and horses. There is no issue of the item that will make your animals sweat off during competitions or on humid and hot days. Besides, this item is non-messy, so you can simply apply it on your horses.


  • No bad smells. In fact, It smells really good
  • It has a reasonable price and is quick delivered


  • Sometimes these products are not well packaged
  • It will not last long as other products


There are some questions that you may have while choosing the best fly spray for your horse.

1.    Are these products durable?

Depending on the ingredients, each product will last at different times.

2.    How much money is enough for a good horse spray?

For a horse spray with good quality, you may need to spend from 20$ to 50$.

3.    Can I mix this product with other products?

In fact yes, that will helps you make the best mix which is suitable for your animals. But I recommend you mix all products that have the same brand.

4.    Are these products effective also on humans?

It may work for human but the ingredients will make bad effects for them because the skin of humans is different from other animals’ skin.

5.    How often must I spray on my horse?

On hot weather, you can spray it daily. Normally you will only have to spray once for 4 to 5 days.

6.    Is the gallon concentrate or ready to use?

The gallon is ready to use.

7.    Can this be used on other animals from horses like goats?

Yes, you can use it. But you need to be careful.

8.    What does this smell like?

Depending on the items, some smells really bad, some smells sweat, some have citronella scent.

9.    Does this attract predator animals like bears/lions?

It does not have the most pleasant scent so no animal would be attracted to it. Works well!

10. If its Fly “Spray”, why doesn’t the bottle come with a spray nozzle?

This is the fault of the packaging company, the products come always with a spray nozzle.

11. The scent is mentioned to be prominently, Is it super strong or offensive?

The smell isn’t offensive but is a strong medicinal smell. The horse doesn’t mind but the others may complain for a while after being sprayed.

12. Can I mix this with show sheen?

Yes you can

13. Does this prevent horses from Midges?

Yes, spraying it on the midges even helps you to kill them, these items are not just repellants they are insecticides.

14. Are these products shipped worldwide?

It depends on the brand that you buy the product.


With using the best fly spray for horse, you can protect your horses from annoying flying species. All the products above are good, but you should read the instructions first before starting to use.

For more detailed, please contact me. And now, thank you for reading.

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